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Mid 2017



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The Automatician is a first person puzzle game where players solve puzzles and problems in a Victorian mansion. To prove your worth as a candidate to become “The Automatician” players must build increasingly complex chain reaction machines (Rube Goldberg Machines) to satisfy their challengers. Can you become the new Automatician? Take on a series of increasingly complex hexagonal puzzles that ask you to create chain reaction machines. Find one or all of the solutions that make your machines a success! Explore the halls of a Victorian mansion called the Absolon Estate. Solve a number of quests for the denizens of the mansion while you investigate to uncover the secrets of the mansion. Explore the Absolon Estate, speak with it's inhabitants and learn more about their past. Take on the Challenge to become the Automatician, and prove your worth in a series of escalating challenges. Should you succeed, you can expect one final secret to reveal itself to you...


The Automatician began development in August 2015, with the express purpose to create a puzzle game that would maximize immersion and purpose, allowing players to build something for a goal beyond simply clearing a stage in order to do it all over again. Players would be able to build their own Rube Goldberg Machines, and solve problems in multiple different ways. This concept was then pitched to fellow students, who came on board at different stages to develop the game as part of their NHTV university curriculum. The game has been in development with 15-25 team members, and is expected to release in Q1 2017.


  • Beautiful environments to explore, with a lot of secrets to uncover.
  • Figure out the Story behind what went on at Absolon Estate.
  • Learn about the enigmatic animated burlap dolls called Whodos.
  • Help out those around you by solving Quests around the Mansion. Who knows what you'll gain in return...
  • Increasingly complex Chain Reaction Puzzles to be solved.
  • Fully compatible with the Tobii EyeX tracker to increase the sense of presence.
  • Using the latest Unreal Engine for high quality graphics.


Steam Greenlight Trailer YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "For the team at DreamPunks, The Automatician isn’t about working your way through the mind of its creator; it’s about surprising everyone, including the developer, with new machinations to solve each puzzle."
    - Joseph Knoop, Playboy.com

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The Automatician Soundtrack
Available at soundcloud.com.

About DreamPunks

DreamPunks is a Dutch independent game studio founded by Jack Beeby, Paul Ambrosiussen, Angelo Nouwens and Reinout Ruland. DreamPunks aim is to establish itself as the go-to developer for Detailed 3D titles that are built specifically as “Killer Apps” for upcoming or underutilized hardware.

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The Automatician Credits

Reinout Ruland
Project Lead, DreamPunks

Paul Ambrosiussen
Art Director, DreamPunks

Jan Tommel
Lead Designer, Freelancer

Eric Troost
Technical Lead, Freelancer

Jonathan Howe
Audio Lead, Freelancer

Jack Beeby
Audio Designer, Freelancer

Margot Vermeiren
Producer, Freelancer

Arber Rama
Character Artist, Freelancer

Roel Megens
2D Artist, Freelancer

Tristan Reimus
Environment Art, Freelancer

Tamara Tumbov
Character Artist / Animation, Freelancer

Rosa van Wouwe
Environment Artist, Freelancer

Faiz Hamdi
Materials And Texturing, Freelancer

Frans van Maanen
Animation and Environment, Freelancer

Jeffrey Oort
Environmental Artist, Freelancer

Victor van der Ven
Character Animations, Freelancer

Marco Bodenstein
Environmental Artist, Freelancer

Spike Meesters
VFX / General Artist, Freelancer

Nikki Blom
Environmental Artist, Freelancer

Nick Post
Optimisation / General Artist, Freelancer

Jorden Stocx
Designer, Freelancer

Christian Vuye
Narrative Designer, Freelancer

Sebastien Gamez
Designer, Freelancer

Luis Freire Ferreira
Designer, Freelancer

Tim Mertens
Narrative Designer, Freelancer

Ross Martin
Gameplay and Tools Programmer, Freelancer

Sjors Thomassen
Gameplay Programmer, Freelancer

Rene Kok
Gameplay Programmer, Freelancer

Thom Sip
Gameplay Programmer, Freelancer

Mark Visschers
Gameplay Programmer, Freelancer

Jan-Maarten Legerstee
Gameplay Programmer, Freelancer

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